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Is Time Slipping Away from You? Here’s Why!

Spring, did you notice its arrival?  March has come and gone (I know, it may be hard to know what day it is with the quarantine, I feel it too, when I am not staying focused.)

And if we don’t stay focused we are going to miss out on the opportunity that is RIGHT NOW!

You’ll miss it because the kids are home, we are stuck in a negative worry loop (about our parents, our business, our neighbors, ourselves.) If we don’t take the opportunity TODAY to embrace the opportunities of NOW, we may never see them again.

Look up, if you don’t move forward you’ll realize time has gotten away from you and your well into Q2 with little to show for what you accomplished.

Why does this even happen?

I recorded a video to discuss this very thing.

1. Nature Hates a Vacuum
2. You Don’t Put Your Plan Together on Paper!

Another reason why you aren’t getting those things done is because you probably aren’t putting your plan together on paper.

You know the goals you want to achieve in your head…

But are you writing them down in a way that motivates & excites you?

You know what you must get done because all the administrative duties are piling up on each other…

But are you putting a plan in place to prioritize your day? 

Chances are, if time is getting away from you, you aren’t putting your priorities in order.

Like I said in the video, nature will always find a way to fill the gaps in your schedule and without the right plan…

You’re planning to fail.

There’s a quote from Tony Robbins that states, “Energy flows where your attention goes.”

When you aren’t focusing on the things that you want in business, you leave yourself open to distractions.

But when you can harness your focus and layout your plan of action…

You will start seeing amazing results.

AND, what if you had a plan and now it seems “shot” because our world right now?  Take a look, I bet there are ideas you had that you can put in place sooner rather than later!  That’s how it worked for me, so take a look and re-prioritize as needed. 

3. How Do You Process Time?

One of the things that most business owners don’t realize is how they process time internally.

There are 2 sides to this coin.

We have judger’s.

These are the people who absolutely love to plan out everything down to the very last second.

They are the ones who will work out of a planner, know where they will be at any given day of the year, and they may even have the following year sketched out.

These business owners tend to come to networking events or seminars early so they can set-up their spot, they get annoyed when people don’t respect time, and they value organization.

Characteristics of a judger tend to be more decisive, organized, quick to complete tasks, structured, responsible, and love to make plans.

For judger’s, they arrange their outer world in order to achieve internal peace.

Then we have our perceiver’s of the world.

Perceiver’s process the world in the opposite way…

Their strength is that they are adaptive and flexible.

They thrive when things happen “on the fly” and are open to unexpected changes to their schedule.

Perceiver’s also are the ones who tend to get “shiny object syndrome” in business.

They feel like they just need to learn one more thing before they can go out and implement it in their business.

To these business owners, deadlines are merely suggestions instead of dates that are absolute.

Unfortunately, for perceiver’s, they tend to run late to a lot of the events because they lose track of time.

Or they put so much focus into one thing but don’t realize they’ve spent an hour working on something that should have taken them 5 minutes.

Common characteristics of perceivers are that they are flexible in behavior, spontaneous, care-free, keeps options open, disorganized, and tend to procrastinate until the very last minute.

*hint hint* – This is why we use countdown timers on our event landing/sales pages. *hint hint*

This isn’t an “either/or” situation.

We are all part judger and part perceiver…

It just depends on which one we tend to lean into more of.

This is extremely important to know because then you will know exactly what you need to do to motivate yourself to get down to work.

If you’re looking for accountability and to take this time to create a plan for your biz, click here to book a call.

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