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The 5 Qualities of a Sales Leader Every Small Business Owner Needs

Sales leaders are a rarity in the world of small business. 

In order to be successful, you need to possess certain qualities that only come with years of experience and commitment. 

These traits can be found in any sales leader within any industry. 

How do I know this? 

Because I’ve been in sales for the last 3 decades (and yes, I just dated myself)! 

The best part about this is you can become the sales leader for your small business! 

In fact, I believe that anyone can be massively successful in sales! 

In this blog post, we’re going to cover the 5 high-quality traits every sales leader needs: 

Trait #1: Curiosity

In order to be successful in sales, you must be curious about absolutely everything. 

We went into business because we saw a problem in the marketplace. 

Whether it was consciously or subconsciously, there was a problem that wasn’t being solved to the level that you believed was acceptable and wanted to be the one who provided a better solution. 

In order to know whether or not someone is needing what you have to offer… 

You have to be curious about the people you want to serve. 

Why are they currently struggling without your solution? 

What has stopped them from already solving this problem? 

Do they even know that this is a problem for them? 

The more curious you are, the more opportunities you’ll have to discover whether YOU can help someone! 

Want to know the best part about being curious? 

Curiosity will eliminate the need to be PUSHY! 

Gone are the days of being slimy, sleazy, and feeling gross about sales. 

Sales can be one of the most natural conversations you can ever have as long as you just ask the right questions. 

Here’s the thing… 

It’s not about you. 

It’s not about your product. 

It’s only always about the customer and whether you have the right solution for them. 

That’s it. 

Anything less than that will result in you feeling gross about sales and there’s just no need for that!  

Trait #2: Thick-Skin

The next trait that all successful salespeople have is that they have thick skin. 

They understand that a “no” doesn’t mean no forever. 

It simply means that you either didn’t provide them with enough details to know whether or not your product or service would solve their problem 


It just means that they don’t need what you have to offer at this time. 

That’s it! 

There’s no reason to take any of it personally because it’s not personal. 

At the end of the day, you’re someone that has a product or service to offer. 

They are someone who is either looking for what you have to offer or they aren’t. 

There’s no reason to be attached to the outcome because that only creates additional stress that’s not even necessary. 

But so many small business owners are terrified of sales because they’re afraid of being rejected. 

Instead of being afraid of being rejected… 

Embrace it. 

Know that it’s simply part of the sales process and isn’t something that’s going to kill you. 

It’s only going to make you stronger and actually empower you in more than just the business arena. 

Having thick skin will allow you to be able to take more calculated risks without the fear of being rejected across all areas of your life. 

Trait #3: Active Listening

There’s nothing worse than a salesperson who simply doesn’t listen to you. 

Listening is probably one of the most important qualities of a successful salesperson. 

The problem is most people listen to respond instead of listening to understand. 

Your job as a salesperson (& business owner) is to actually listen to the real problems that your potential client is dealing with. 

Another reason why it’s important is that you can leverage the information that they’re saying to increase trust & influence instantly. 

This will ensure that the potential client that you’re having a conversation with feels heard, understood and that you actually care… 

Because you do! 

The biggest complaint that most people have when it comes to salespeople is they believe that the salesperson didn’t actually listen to them. 

They feel like there’s an agenda and the salesperson is only leading them to the sale at the end of the day. 

A successful salesperson actively listens to actually see if they have the solution. 

If they don’t, then it’s okay to let that person know that you can’t help them. 

That’s why active listening is so powerful! 

Because it puts you into the position of power to know absolutely everything that they are looking for. 

This will separate you from everyone else and make you seem like the authority that they need to have their problem solved. 

Trait #4: Persistence

The money is in the follow-up! 

It doesn’t matter how many times that I say this but so many business owners are missing out on so much money because they just don’t follow up. 

You can ask anyone inside of my mastermind… 

There have been times when they call me up to tell me about a deal they were locking down. 

If they didn’t get a deposit, then I make them call them back. 

If the business owner said they need time to think about it? 

I have them schedule in their follow-up to make sure that they lock in the deal. 


Because business moves quickly! 

So many factors are at play and they’re not just waiting around for you to get your act together. 

You have to prove it to them that you actually care. 

Caring is about following up, regardless of how long it takes. 

Some people, you’ll follow up with once and they’ll lock in the deal. 

Other times, you’re following up for weeks, months, or even years! 

But so many deals never happen because of someone’s lack of follow-up. 

The ability to be persistent in order to help someone overcome their business challenges will separate you from the competition. 

So what are you waiting for?!! 

Start following up! 

Trait #5: Passion

Last but definitely not least, the last trait that a highly successful salesperson needs is passion. 

It doesn’t matter if you have “sales skills” or not. 

Someone can always tell if the individual is passionate about what they’re selling. 

Because if you absolutely love what you do and the solution you have, then you’ll have an easier time talking to others about it. 

You will be able to create “buy-in” so much easier because your energy will be different. 

When someone is passionate, they’ll always go towards the “best possible outcome” instead of the “worst possible outcome”. 

Passion will help you in the follow-up. 

Passion keeps you energized. 

At the end of the day, without passion, there’s always going to be “something missing” in the eyes of your potential clients. 

Let your passion take the lead and you’ll always have a pipeline of people who want the solution you have. 


*As long as you do the work!* 😉 

Sell more, worry less… 

Katie Nelson 

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